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GiftedFromIreland- Ireland's 1st online Marketplace for Contemporary & Unique Gifts


Digital Transformation of the largest annual exhibition in Ireland, Gifted Fair from the RDS, Dublin, was built with a full bespoke CMS system enabling Sellers to build their own “Store within Store” with full access to list products and upload images with an inbuilt approval system ensuring a beautiful bespoke selection of Independent Small Business with Handmade bespoke products designed and made in Ireland. Gifted now operate 24/7/365 as opposed to just a handful of days per year at selected events.


Responsive eCommerce, works across all technology. Ordering online from any device is simple and frictionless on all screens. With buyers able to checkout in their local currency.

All our work is bespoke and built to maximise your business online - have a look at to see an example of this.