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Hannah Adams Photography- Brand and Family Photographer had a fresh overhaul of her homepage images and functionality. Page layout is so important to create a better browsing experience for potential clients.

Next Generation Search Functionality

Expanding Hannah's business categories to work with brands focusing on product photography and to offer services for personal branding, allows Hannah to use her expertise in a different area of photography than she usually works with.

Improving a users browsing experience is so important in order to keep a potential client interested in what they are seeing. It only takes someone 5 seconds to decide if they like what they see or not, this could be the difference between a paying client and a lost client. 

Ensuring all the images are of high definition and crystal clear on desktop and mobile is key. These two key pieces are too often overlooked by many building a website.

By creating a slide show, it draws attention and allows a person to relax while they look through your images. Choosing the right images for slide shows is extremely important.

Take a look at to see some examples of how we enhanced her beautiful website.  Another happy client.

Hannah's review of our services is on our Instagram page.